Towne South
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Our History

Started in late 1961 the Fisher & Frichtel Development Corporation acquired the land now known as the TowneSouth Subdivision.

After a few show houses were built, sales started up. Prices were in the lower to mid twenties depending on options the new homeowner would choose. Having a slab or full basement was one of the options, thatís why we see so many slab homes.

These homes were considered lower middle class.

The subdivision was built in 12 phases (plats). The first 11 Plats are The Homeowners Association. Plat 12 located from Towne Centre Dr and TowneSouth Rd.west to Broad Oak On the north side of TowneSouth Rd. was to become a shopping mall. This did not materialize. Plat 12 is NOT part of the Homeowners Association.

In May of 1962 the TowneSouth Homeowners Association was registered with the St. Louis County Recorder of Deeds along with the Missouri Secretary of State. There are 715 homes with about 35-40 acres of common ground.