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Towne South Newsletter

September 2009

Greetings to all of our friends and neighbors!

Annual Meeting
On February 21st we held our 46th annual TSHA meeting, which was attended by about 50 homeowners. After re-electing three Board members to two-year terms, we discussed the accomplishments of the past year, plans for the year ahead, the financials, as well as issues brought up by the homeowners.

The Board is looking for greater participation and input from the homeowners. If you have questions, ideas, or want to become involved, contact us by phone or email.

Schools are back in session. Please beware of children waiting for their buses or walking through the subdivision on their way to school. The speed limit throughout the subdivision is 25 MPH. Report any unsafe driving to St. Louis County Police Department (889-2341). They have been very responsive and effective in the past.

It is everyone's responsibility to keep our neighborhood looking good and property values high. Please only leave trash, recycling, and yard waste receptacles out on the day of pick up. Also, when walking dogs, make sure you clean up after they finish their "business".

The Board recently conducted a walk around the subdivision. Please remember that the common ground belongs to everyone and cannot be altered in any way without the written permission of the Board. If you wish to take care of common ground near your home, contact the Board for permission and reimbursement for planting materials.